Negotiating Group on Justice and Fundamental Rights

Negotiating Group on Judiciary and Fundamental Rights - the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Negotiating Group shall be appointed from among the representatives of the Ministry of Justice.

The Negotiating Group membership shall comprise the representatives of the following government authorities and organisations: the Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Defence; Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government; Ministry of Culture and Information; Ministry of Energy and Mining; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy; Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Economy; Anti-Corruption Agency; Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations; Office for Human and Minority Rights; High Judicial Council; State Prosecutors Council; Republic Secretariat for Legislation; Public Procurement Office; Civil Society Cooperation Office; Commissioner for the Protection of Equality; Church and Religious Communities Cooperation Office; Supreme Court of Cassation; Serbian Public Prosecution Service; Judicial Academy; Human and Minority Rights Office; Social Inclusion and Poverty Decrease Team and Serbian European Integration Office.