Project "Key steps to gender equality – Phase 2"

After successful implementation and finalisation of the first phase of the project, in the scope of the 2019 IPA Programme and in line with the financial agreement between the Republic of Serbia and the European Commission, EUR 2 million of funds have been approved for the continuation of the project “Key Steps towards Gender Equality” which is implemented by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women – UN Women in cooperation with national institutions. In line with the activities and results of the first phase of the project, having regard to priorities of the Government of RS in the domains of gender equality and European integration process, the new phase of the project shall involve the following:

Result 1: Further strengthening of mechanisms for gender equality, support for preparation and implementation of policies in the area of gender equality

Result 2: Support for the Ministry of European Integration in the process of gender mainstreaming of programme documents and meeting horizontal requirements for implementation of the cohesion policy

Through Result 2, the project will be supported by the Ministry of European Integration and national institutions involved in EU funds management, in implementing activities provided for in Action Plan for Chapter 22 – Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments. Activities in Result 2 will focus on the development and implementation of programmes for building capacities in the areas of gender equality, non-discrimination and status of persons with disabilities in relation to programming, monitoring and implementation of EU funds and technical assistance for establishing the system for integration of gender equality principles, antidiscrimination and accessibility in structural and investment EU funds.

Result 3: Support for civil society organisations that are active in the area of gender equality for implementing the activities with an aim of economic empowerment of women and fight against stereotypes

Some of the key activities to be implemented are: assessment of capacities of public administration representatives involved in planning, programming, implementation and monitoring of the EU funds in relation to the acquis communautaire in the area of gender equality, non-discrimination principle and status of persons with disabilities; development of curricula and materials for training of civil servants who are involved in management of EU funds in the areas relevant for meeting general requirements for implementation of cohesion policy, organising education and training for trainers in the areas relevant for meeting general requirements for implementation of cohesion policy, technical assistance to national institutions involved in programming of EU assistance, including support for integration of gender perspective in projects, support for social dialogue through organisation of public consultation (round tables and meetings), between representatives of the Ministry, institutions in charge of gender equality and civil society organisations for the purpose of defining and preparing priorities to be financed from the EU funds etc.