Useful links

General dictionaries

ONLINE DICTIONARY - multilingual dictionary (possibility of translating from English, French, German and Serbian language in to several languages; 600.000 definitions and explanations of specific words and terms in English, German, French and Serbian language; English words pronuciation)

METAK - English-Serbian and Serbian-English dictionary (more than300,000 words, phrases and expressions)

KRSTARICA - multilingual dictionary (about 260,000 words)

DICTIONARY - multilingual dictionary (about 200,000 words)


TAKTIKA NOVA - English-Croatian and Croatian-English dictionary (about 180,000 words)

FREE DICTIONARY  - multilingual dictionary; words, abbreviations and acronyms, idioms, general and specialised dictonary (medical, legal and financial terms); thesaurus, encyclopedia, search engine

LEO - German-English/French/Italian/Spanish dictionary (about400,000 words)

DICT.CC - German-English and English-German dictionary

EUDICT - multilingual dictionary of languages of the EU andcandidate countries languages

IATE - European Union terminology database

EVROTERM  - Slovenian terminological database

Specialised dictionaries

EU-ABC - Internet dictionary explaining fundamental EU terms

EVROVOC - multilingual dictionary of terms

PROZ - multilingual glossaries from various fields and translators message board

DATOTEKA - Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-English dictionary

HIDRA - fourlingual(English, French, German, Croatian) dictionary of EU law

SAFU - Croatian-Englishand English-Croatian dictionary of terms from the Manual on the project monitoring

MICROSOFT LANGUAGE PORTAL - glossary of localized terminology relating to Microsoft products in more than 90 languages

FOOD SAFETY - dictionary of terms in the field of food safety

Monolingual dictionaries

ONE-LOOK DICTIONARY - search engine for monolingual English dictionaries (1000 dictionaries; approx.13,000,000 words)

DWDS  - digital dictionary and corpus of German language

FRENCH - monolingual dictionary of French language

VOKABULAR -monolingual Serbian Internet dictionary


WIKIPEDIA - online encyclopedia

LAROUSSE - Larousse multilingual dictionary and encyclopedia

ANSWERS  - answers to questions from various fields in different languages

Collections of texts

CC VISTA - multilingual database of EU law in the languages of new member states and candidate countries

EUR-LEX - EU law in 23 official languages

EUR-LEX - succint and accessible overview of European Union legislation, with direct link to the document in question