The Coordination Body

The Coordination Body shall consider the most important issues and guide the operations within the scope of the public administration in the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union.

The Coordination Body structure shall include:

1) Government President;

2) The Government First Vice-President;

3) Government Vice-President and the Minister of Labour, Employment, and Social Policy;

4) Government Vice-President and the Minister of External and Internal Trade and Telecommunications;

5) Minister in charge of foreign affairs;

6) Minister in charge of the European integrations;

7) Minister in charge of finance;

8) Minister in charge of agriculture, forestry, and water management;

9) Minister in charge of environment.

Head of the Negotiating Team for Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union shall participate in activities of the Coordination Body.

The Coordination Body activity shall be managed by the Government President, and he shall be replaced by the Coordination Body member assigned by the Government President.

Other Government members, Director of the Republic Secretariat for Legislation and the Government Secretary-General, and the National Bank of Serbia Governor may participate in the Coordination Body activity if the topics within their competence are discussed.

Expert and administrative and technical support to the Coordination Body operation shall be provided by the Ministry of European Integration.

The Coordination Body shall pass the Rules of Procedure.