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J. Joksimović: WB as factor of revitalised EU

September 16 2020 | Belgrade

J. Joksimović: WB as factor of revitalised EU

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has said that the EU’s trust in the countries of the region and close cooperation are important and necessary steps in building a stronger and more stable region and in achieving the internal consolidation of the EU.    

She has conveyed that EU membership of the countries of the region could contribute to a new quality in the revitalisation of the European idea, and has welcomed the statement of EC President Ursula von der Leyen.

“The future of the region is certainly in the EU, and in that sense we welcome the statement of the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, because only through sincere partnership with countries that wish to become its members can the vitality of the enlargement process be renewed and become part of the EU’s internal reform agenda,” stated Joksimović.  

She has noted that the region certainly is and can be even more successful as a whole and as part of the new vitality of the EU.

Joksimović has emphasised that “we also welcome the announcement of the adoption of the new and comprehensive economic recovery package for the region that will be focused on regional investments, because the economic development of candidate countries holds a crucial aspect in the context of the success of the enlargement process”.

She has stated that Serbia is aware of its obligations and that it is not giving up on its European path.    

“The new Government will definitely advocate a more dynamic process of European integration and we welcome the statements of the highest political representatives of the Union related to the full membership in the EU and accession process, because Serbia has been recognised as one of the frontrunners of this process in the region,” stated Joksimović.

Source: Tanjug