J. Joksimović and Alt: Regional stability in the interest of both Serbia and the EU

04. December 2018. | Belgrade

J. Joksimović and Alt: Regional stability in the interest of both Serbia and the EU

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has held a meeting with member of the German Bundestag Renata Alt during which they discussed issues such as bilateral relations between the two countries, Serbia’s future activities in the process of European integration, the situation in the region and other important topics.

The Minister has informed Renata Alt that Serbia is clearly determined to continue with the EU accession process, primarily because of the desire to reform and modernise the country through the application of European norms and standards so that it could, as such, primarily function to the benefit of citizens. She has stated that in order to protect and preserve the credibility of the enlargement policy the EU should support the accession process that is based on the well-known Copenhagen criteria.  

Joksimović has highlighted that reforms are extremely important for the state, primarily those under chapters 23 and 24 related to the rule of law, adding that reforms in those areas are the most demanding. 

She has stressed that the Government has accepted and acknowledged all recommendations of the Venice Commission, which had a positive response to activities Serbia has undertaken regarding Constitutional amendments in the field of justice, adding that it has also conducted a transparent and inclusive public debate process. She has also pointed out that Serbia has implemented constitutional amendments in the field of justice through a deeper and more comprehensive process than many, which could become a model for other candidates in the accession process. 

The Minister has also indicated the importance of reforms in other areas, especially economy, which have resulted in increased foreign investments, higher employment, economic stability, because, as she has specified, an economically powerful region is vital for Serbia.

Joksimović has stated that the preservation of regional stability and cooperation, particularly with a view to positive economic parameters, is Serbia's imperative, and that destabilisation of the situation is certainly not in its interest. She has assessed that Pristina's decision to introduce taxes on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of official Tirana is a collapse of the EU's fundamental values and regional stability, which could also become a long-term problem for Europe. Therefore, the Minister expects the EU to influence a change in Pristina’s anti-European behaviour, which is especially reflected in the idea of creating a pact against Serbia that would include Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia.  

Member of the German Bundestag Renata Alt has stressed that Germany is closely monitoring developments in the region and that it is interested in maintaining peace and stability. She has noted that the process of European integration is complex and demanding precisely because of the experiences with EU Member State that were not ready for admission.

At the meeting, it has been noted that the relations between the two countries are at a high level and that there is mutual commitment to strengthening overall cooperation. It has been indicated that Germany is a significant economic and political partner of Serbia and that, over the past 15 years, Germany, as Serbia’s largest bilateral donor, has allocated more than EUR 1.8 billion in grants for numerous development projects.

Source: Tanjug




Министар Ј. Јоксимовић и Алт   Министар Ј. Јоксимовић и Алт


Министар Ј. Јоксимовић и Алт   Министар Ј. Јоксимовић и Алт


Министар Ј. Јоксимовић и Алт