Ј. Joksimović: “Carrot and stick” policy is unsustainable

19. November 2018. | Belgrade

Ј. Joksimović: “Carrot and stick” policy is unsustainable

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has stated today that she expects that, after the EU Member States have evaluated the progress achieved in chapters 23 and 24 related to the rule of law and chapter 35 related to the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Serbia will open three chapters in the negotiation process by the end of the year.

Responding to the question on how she views the announcement from Brussels that the opening of chapters will be conditioned by the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, she has said that chapter 35 assesses the progress made in the implementation of the Brussels Agreement and that the Member States should also take this into account while making their decision on the opening of chapters.
“I believe that it is indisputable and clear that chapter 35 can only assess that Pristina has not only failed to fulfil any of its obligations, but that it has also further undermined the already unfavourable situation and atmosphere with its continuous unilateral moves, having made moves that undermine regional economic cooperation as well”, said Joksimović.

She has stressed that she does not see any viable argument to defend this position taken by Brussels, adding that, in this sense, she expects Serbia to open at least three chapters for which it is objectively prepared.
“The ‘carrot and stick’ policy is unsustainable at this stage of EU accession negotiations because the circumstances have changed. Serbia has proven to be a reliable partner to the EU and this kind of policy is truly neither sustainable nor necessary, and it does not send a good message to the Serbian citizens”, emphasised the Minister.

She has further added that Serbia wants and that it will continue to conduct the reform process and to fulfill its promises made to the citizens, which correspond to its obligations stemming from the European integration process.
“It is in our interest - sometimes we implement reforms faster, sometimes slower, but progress is undeniable and I expect chapters to be opened. I believe that, with regard to the reforms we have achieved under chapters 23 and 24 that are the touchstone for the Member States’ decision on opening new chapters, it is realistic to expect the opening of at least three chapters, while we have prepared seven of them”, said Joksimović.

Source: Tanjug