J. Joksimović: Serbia leads a responsible European policy

24. July 2018. | Belgrade

J. Joksimović: Serbia leads a responsible European policy

The Government of the Republic of Serbia does not make unrealistic promises, but closely monitors developments in Europe and around the globe, seeking to implement a responsible and well-planned European policy in a comprehensive and, for our country and citizens, best possible manner, Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović stated last night.
“Unlike those who have made unrealistic promises - that we will become an EU member in 2007 or 2012, we are persistently and continuously carrying out reforms, working on strengthening the economy and financial consolidation, implementing reforms in the field of the rule of law, all in order to align with best European standards”, Joksimović told Tanjug when asked to comment on the statement of the Democratic Party expressing suspicion towards the commitment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to EU integration and mentioning an earlier statement made by the Minister of European Integration.

In her response, Joksimović stressed that 2025 was set as a potential date for joining the EU in the Enlargement Strategy by the European Commission, not by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
“I believe that the date is realistic and that the current timetable of negotiations reflects this reality. I have announced that Serbia is capable of opening and closing all of the negotiation chapters by 2023, so that negotiations could officially be closed by the end of that year and Serbia could accede to the EU by the end of 2025. This timetable has been confirmed by the highest officials of the EU, who assessed it as ambitious, but also realistic and feasible”, highlighted Joksimović.

She recalled that the National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis Communautaire (NPAA) has determined late 2021 as a time-frame for the completion of the alignment process, precisely bearing in mind the agenda for 2025.
“It is not enough to just adopt laws; their effective implementation is necessary in order to close the chapters. That is why we have envisaged a framework that leaves enough space until the end of 2023 for the EU to confirm that regulations and standards are being applied and to decide to close accession negotiations with Serbia”, specified the Minister.

She also said that a serious and responsible reform policy was needed in order to meet the conditions for joining the EU.
“We cannot afford another unsuccessful judicial reform like the one in 2010. The European Union has recognised Serbia as one of the leaders in the European integration process, which is a direct result of the reforms the Government of the Republic of Serbia has implemented and is still implementing.  The continuation of such a policy is the only way Serbia can achieve membership in the EU, which has been confirmed by the unequivocal support from the citizens of Serbia that has been on a constant rise since the elections in 2012”, stressed Joksimović.

She said the Democratic Party has obviously remained a party that presents itself as a European party only in words, that “does not perceive or deal with the understanding of strategic directions and changes in Europe or the world, or with the role and place of the interest of Serbia and its citizens in new, complicated circumstances, let alone with substantive internal reforms that had not been initiated for more than a decade during their time in power“.

Joksimović emphasised that, in the past five years, SNS, Mr. Vučić and the governments since formed have returned Serbia to a healthy European and reform path, improved Serbia’s image and reputation, making it a serious partner who is respected and discussed with.
“The declarative pro-European story has long been declared with our citizens, only results and progress are measured now, and therefore, with the citizens’ support, we will achieve EU membership, which will be good for every citizen”, Joksimović concluded.


Source: Tanjug