Administrative capacity


Under the framework of the project “Strengthening the administrative capacity of Serbia’s accession to the European Union”, the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Centre for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School, is implementing an advanced training course for 360 participants (employed in the local self-government, state and provincial administration, public enterprises, development agencies and other institutions and bodies of the Republic of Serbia).

The aim of the project is to strengthen local, regional and state administration in Serbia for the successful implementation and practical application of the European Union policies in the process of European integration.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway through a program of bilateral cooperation between the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Serbia.

In 2011, the project is conducted through five educational programmes: European Union policy in the field of rural development, European Union policy in the field of environment, European Union policy on employment, European Union policy on energy, Project Cycle Management in projects financed by the EU. Participation in the seminars is foreseen through advertising and selection procedures. Every program is supplemented by an educational platform (specially designed software for continuous extension of the educational process through the Internet and networking of participants of the education project), which the participants regularly and actively monitor and use to resolve certain problem situations. The testing and training of trainers is conducted after every module. The most active participants, according to results achieved in the educational program, tests and activities conducted in the educational platform, shall be part of a five-day study visit to institutions of the European Union in Brussels, which monitor each of the educational modules.

More information on the project can be downloaded here

In addition, a special project activity is also a comprehensive public awareness campaign, which has the aim of improving knowledge about integration and reforms that accompany it.