J. Joksimović and Bilčík on new methodology and European Parliament Resolution

February 05 2021 | Belgrade

J. Joksimović and Bilčík on new methodology and European Parliament Resolution

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has met today with Vladimír Bilčík, the European Parliament Permanent Rapporteur for Serbia. They have agreed that last year’s global developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic put the EU enlargement policy on the back burner.

In addition, according to the MEI press release, Joksimović and Bilčík have also agreed in their expectations that, in 2021, partners in the negotiation process will turn to the future and work together on accelerating the pace of EU membership negotiations.

Joksimović has particularly emphasised that this common EU policy can significantly contribute to the revitalisation of the Union itself, i.e. that candidates and potential candidates can use their capacities to strengthen the European economy and society, and to help their development in a sustainable way.

She has informed Bilčík about activities that are being undertaken to adapt Serbia’s negotiating structure to the new EU negotiation methodology.

“Although the European Commission has not fully defined this new way of negotiations, waiting for a detailed roadmap for its application, Serbia is carrying out consultations with the European Commission and jointly trying to align new models that would lead to the acceleration of negotiations”, stated Joksimović.

She has added that, in addition to the greater credibility of the negotiation process itself, its acceleration was the main motive for introducing new elements of the methodology that Serbia has fully accepted.

In that sense, Joksimović has said that Serbia is particularly working on the new cluster approach of coordinating national reforms, which share the same goals as EU common policies, such as the Green Agenda, digitisation, sustainable Green Deal, sustainable development, and other policies grouped by clusters.

The Government of Serbia is particularly committed to reforms within the first cluster on the rule of law, said Joksimović, adding that this cluster remains the key parameter for measuring progress in negotiations.

“Bearing all this in mind, in good faith, we expect that the application of the new methodology will begin as soon as possible, particularly the holding of the political Intergovernmental Conference, as provided for in the last year’s European Commission’s document on enhanced negotiation methodology, where we should jointly define the application of new elements, at the same time valorising the progress made so far in the process”, stressed Joksimović.

Bilčík has stressed that he supports the holding of the Intergovernmental Conference as soon as possible, as he believes that the EU will soon initiate the continuation of accession negotiations, which, according to him, are the best way to implement pro-European sustainable reforms in the countries that are negotiating for EU membership.

The EP Rapporteur for Serbia has underlined the importance of the commitment to European integration demonstrated by the new Government and the new parliament, adding that the new term of both institutions has begun with highly encouraging steps in the rule of law, primarily with regard to the constitutional reform, improvement of media freedom, and the preparation of the inter-party dialogue.

Bilčík has informed Joksimović about the developments regarding the debate and agreement between various political groups in the EP regarding the European Parliament Resolution that should be adopted by the end of March.

In addition, he has stressed that members of the European Parliament place high importance on the continuation of the inter-party dialogue, which will result in strengthening the rule of law through the process of social dialogue.

The interlocutors have agreed that there is a demonstrated readiness for the continuation of the dialogue, and that the National Assembly is the most important institution leading this process.

Source: Tanjug