Peer review on national minorities

Law on National Councils of National Minorities

Law on Electronic Media

Law on Public Information and Media

Law on Public Service Broadcasting

The Statute of The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

Law on Textbooks

Law on Preschool Education

Law on Primary Education

Law on Secondary Education

Availability of textbooks in minority languages

Criminal Code Statistics

Education in minority languages - statistics

Working Group on improving standards for teaching Serbian as non-mother tongue

Ombudsman - 2015 Annual Report - National Minorities

Ombudsman - Special report of Protector of Citizens on broadcasting in languages of national minorities following

the privatization of the media

Languages of national minorities in official use

Analysis of the representation of members of national minorities in courts and prosecutor's offices

Information on the Competencies of the Coordination Body of the  Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja

Unofficial translation of the Law on employees in autonomous provinces and local self-government units

Rulebook on the Protection of the Rights of Minors in the Field of Media Services Provision

Higher Public Prosecutor's Office - Statistics

Council for Interethnic Relations of the City of Subotica

Higher Court in Novi Sad - Statistics

Report 3-4/information/photo-gallery/2016 on Implementation of the Action Plan for the Realization of Rights of National Minorities