Action plan to accelerate the acquisition of the status of candidate

At a session held on 17 March, the Serbian Government adopted the Action Plan for fulfilling recommendations of the European Commission’s Annual Report for 2010 in order to accelerate the acquisition of candidate status, according to which government agencies are instructed to implement measures contained in this document.

The measures contained in the Action Plan are recommendations relating to 10 indicative sectors relevant for acquiring the status of candidate.

Those sectors are: cooperation with the Hague Tribunal; regional cooperation; restitution and security of property rights; monitoring obligations arising from the liberalization of visa regime; continuation of the fight against corruption; issue of ownership over the mandates of MP’s; functioning of regulatory bodies; preventing discrimination and, in particular, the status of Roma minority, judicial reform, economic reform (restructuring; unemployment;cases of annulment of the privatization contract; privatization of state-owned enterprises; excess of bureaucracy that influences the business environment; competition policy; infrastructure bottlenecks).

The Action Pan to accelerate the acquisition of the status of candidate can be downloaded here.