Awards for the best in the "Imagine the Future of Europe" competition

May 09 2022 | Novi Sad

Awards for the best in the "Imagine the Future of Europe" competition

Today, Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović and French Ambassador to Serbia Pierre Cochard presented 27 awards to the most successful participants in the "Imagine the Future of Europe" competition, on the occasion of the Europe Day.

Joksimović pointed out that when we talk about the Europe Day, we are not talking only about the European Union Day, but about the European continent which should be united, peaceful, solidary, prosperous, which enables young people to travel and be educated where they want.

She thanked the French Ambassador for his cooperation and for organising the award ceremony on Europe Day and Victory over Fascism Day, adding that 79 students applied for the competition, which shows that young people in Serbia are educated and follow current events.

She thanked everyone who participated and sent their papers on how they see the future of Europe and what their recommendations are for the development of the European Union, but also on Serbia's place in the EU.

She added that, in their papers, the young people showed special interest in topics related to climate change, environmental protection, social policy, new employment and the progress of digitalization.

"In your essays, you have recognized that France is one of the founders of the European idea. During the six-month presidency of France in the EU Council, we have had active cooperation despite all the challenges on the European continent, and France has shown that it is a country that will support a credible enlargement policy and promote a peace policy," said Joksimovic.

Cochard thanked Joksimović for the excellent partnership, stating that the joint project involving the competition illustrates the common ambitions to promote Europe and its values among the citizens of Serbia.

"Since France holds the EU Council presidency, we wanted to highlight young people in Serbia by encouraging them to think about the future of Europe, in the language in which Molière wrote. It is more than a competition, it is a call to build a Europe that meets your expectations, our expectations," said Cochard.

He stated that the European continent is currently going through a crisis, which calls for unity, solidarity and provides an opportunity to get closer to each other.

"More than ever, this common future is being created today, thanks to young people when we include them, listen to them and take their expectations into account," said Cochard.

The competition, which was open from mid-December last year to mid-February this year, was organised as one in a series of activities within the framework of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, i.e. the cooperation between France and Serbia, and the support to our country in the process of European integration.

The primary objective of the written papers was for the students and pupils in Serbia to answer the following questions in French: for elementary and high school pupils: In your opinion, what should be the Europe’s priorities in the next ten years?, and for university students: If you were a leader of a European country, what would you do for the future of Europe?

Source: Tanjug