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MEI: Third-rate criticising methods by some NGOs

February 18 2020 | Belgrade

MEI: Third-rate criticising methods by some NGOs

The Ministry of European Integration has assessed today that once again a part of the so-called non-governmental sector, instead of contributing to the creation of a positive climate regarding Serbia’s European integration, which certainly includes providing sensible criticism aimed at strengthening capacities, actually applies third-rate criticising methods, exclusively serving as an extended arm of certain opposition circles.

“A glaring example of this could be seen at the conference organised today by the FES Foundation, where we have had the opportunity to witness the actions of critics masked under the title of EU connoisseurs or analysts, where we have to note that, either intentionally or not, no one from the line ministry has been invited, even though the topic concerned it,” as was written in a statement sent to Tanjug.

The statement notes that serious analysts should primarily possess knowledge on the matter in question and know how to properly use relevant data.

“Giving unlimited media space to ‘analysts’ who do not know basic terms related to their field of work, speaks in favour of the fact that their agenda does not aim at providing constructive criticism, but rather has a use in daily politics”, assessed the Ministry of European Integration.

The Ministry has also recalled that this is not the first time Nemanja Todorović, Editor-in-Chief of European Western Balkans, “has excelled in his ‘knowledge’ of the EU”.

“At the press conference that was held in Brussels on 10 December last year after the Intergovernmental Conference, in the presence of Enlargement Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi, the Editor-in-Chief of European Western Balkans demonstrated a lack of elementary knowledge of procedures and instruments related to the negotiation process having asked the Republic of Serbia’s Chief Negotiator, Minister (Jadranka) Joksimović, when the new Chief Negotiator would be appointed, obviously unware of the distinction between the roles of the Chief Negotiator and the Head of the Negotiating Team”, the statement claims.

The Ministry has stated that some former members of the Negotiating Team and the European Integration Office have a tendency to place themselves at the disposal of opposition political parties that act as critics of the EU integration process, because they were unable to bring Serbia closer to the EU with their previous political programme.

“During their time, Serbia was blocked in that process, and today, when Serbia has opened more than a half of negotiation chapters, they emerge as critics of the process”, as expressed in the statement.

The Ministry of European Integration has particularly noted that some of the critics have breached the provisions of the Law enforced by the Anti-Corruption Agency, under which they were obliged to comply with the legal deadline in carrying out related activities while performing their duties as officials.

“None of them adhered to this, but now in their speeches they wholeheartedly refer to the rule of law. So much about their professionalism, while their credibility is best described by the untruths and personal views they express, which have nothing to do with the real state of play”, concluded the Ministry of European Integration.

Source: Tanjug