International development assistance


Programming of international development assistance is a complex process of identifying needs, i.e. determining priority goals within individual sectors, defining of activities, procedures, as well as time frames in the process of preparing and selecting proposals of projects which should contribute to the realization of the determined goals.

This process is carried out through a comprehensive consultative process in which all authorized project applicants, the European Commission, bilateral and multilateral donors, representatives of civil society organizations, as well as local self-government bodies participate actively, in accordance with the Action Plan for Programming and Reporting on EU funds and Development Assistance to the Republic of Serbia. The cited participants actively take part in all programming phases, starting with the process of identifying priority mid-term sector goals for financing from international development assistance, through the annual revision of the planning document “Needs of the Republic of Serbia for International Development Assistance", through determining priorities for annual programming by operationalizing and prioritizing mid-term sector goals, through participation in sector working groups for programming and monitoring of international development assistance, and preparing project proposals for financing from the annual allocation of international assistance to the Republic of Serbia.

The Sector for Planning, Programming, Monitoring and Reporting on EU funds and development assistance of the European Integration Office shall organize and implement the process of programming and reporting on international development assistance in the Republic of Serbia.

For more information about programming of international development assisatnce see the Information System for Coordination of the Development assistance to the Republic of Serbia.