Agreement on the energy community for south eastern Europe

The Agreement establishing the Energy Community of South Eastern Europe was signed on 25 October 2005 in Athens by representatives of Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and the Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. This Agreemend defined the electric energy and natural gas market.

A united, stable and regulatory framework for cross-border trade of energy had thus been created because the signatory countries accepted the valid general rules in the energy sector relating to environmental protection and competition. The Energy Community of this part of Europe spans a market of over 150 million people, which will, in the next 15 years, see the investments exceeding 21 billion euro. When the Energy Community of South Eastern Europe (ECSEE) formally joins the EU, the third largest energy community after OPEC and IAEA shall be created.

The Agreement on the Energy Community for South Eastern Europe can be downloaded here.