J. Joksimović: The issue of the picture books is overblown, I have expressed my opinion

May 07 2018 | Belgrade

J. Joksimović: The issue of the picture books is overblown, I have expressed my opinion

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has said today that the story that has emerged concerning the tweet of Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Nenad Popović is “overblown” and that she only expressed her opinion, which has not changed.
“The whole story is overblown; I only expressed my point of view about the tweet. I expressed my opinion and I stand by it. I have been working with (President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar) Vučić for a long time and I have expressed my point of view on many occasions at party meetings and government sessions while he was Prime Minister, which was not always widely accepted, but nobody had any problems in that regard. I have always appreciated this trait of his and I appreciate it now, as I have always respected the opinion of others, because I believe that right solutions can only be reached in this manner,” Minister Joksimović has said on Happy TV.

Regarding the media reports that the reconstruction of the Government will follow the intense debate initiated in the Government about Minister Popović’s tweet, Joksimović has said that this is proof of democracy and pluralism in the media.
“This is proof of pluralism and democracy in the media; just think - you can dismiss two members of the SNS Presidency - Zorana Mihajlović and myself, also an international secretary of the party, every day in the media - this is proof of the freedom of the media. I have no problem with this, but there are procedures in this regard,” Joksimović has highlighted.

She has recalled that she was the first minister who attended the Pride Parade four years ago.
“I supported the LGBT community, received transgender persons in my cabinet to talk about their everyday problems and needs, I really do not think that anybody can lecture me about this type of homophobia or anything else, but I do believe that the laws of this country still do not envisage the adoption of children by gay couples or gay marriage. When or if this issue comes on the agenda, we will have a debate on it, but until then I believe that such picture books are not in line with what is ultimately the legal framework of this country,” she has stressed.

She has said that these topics may be debated, emphasising that they are not even equally defined among EU countries.
“There are no taboo topics, but we must nevertheless stick to certain frames,” Joksimović has stated.
“Nobody is indispensable, that is not that point, let's talk about European integration while I still hold my mandate,” she has said with a smile.

She has underlined that it is of utmost importance for her to carry out her work in the interest of the citizens of Serbia.
“First and foremost, I believe that I am working in the interest of the country and citizens, and that is the most important thing for me. Regarding everything else, if anyone holds anything against me, I can take it. I can criticize, so I also have to accept criticism, it's not a problem,” Joksimović has said.

Source: TV Happy and Tanjug