Lepota & Zdravlje: Minister from another angle

April 20 2018 | Belgrade

Lepota & Zdravlje: Minister from another angle

“My job is connected to high politics, both in the international sense and in the sense of internal reforms. Everything reflects on the process of European integration, which demands a quick, clear and efficient reaction. Much of it is invisible to the wider public, but the results, both good and bad, are quickly felt. I am a person of action; I am very organised and not prone to catastrophic perceptions. There is always a solution, more or less efficient, so I never make a drama. Only imprecision and bad improvisation can tick me off. It is important to me that I can say at any moment that I have acted in the best interest of the citizens and the country I represent and that I work for. I expect the same from others. I often joke with my associates that every day we have a new tour - new adventure (laughs), it is important that we firmly “anchor” the interests of the citizens and the country. Sometimes circumstances require a lot of contacts, lobbying and swift reactions, even on weekends and holidays. I am usually at home after work, although I also have obligations relating to my doctoral studies, so I attend lectures as well. I like to walk, sometimes I walk a considerable distance in heels, although heels are getting lower as the years go by (laughs). I also like to have a quiet cup of coffee with people close to me - it relaxes me. But I also often sit in a café by myself and browse through a magazine.

Weekends are mostly reserved for family activities. I usually rush to see my nephew Relja, who is five years old and who is a great source of positive vibrations. I am a true aunt who follows all new cartoon characters with him, enjoys playing with toy cars and other interesting and educational toys.”

“I frequently go to the cinema too, because nothing compares to a blockbuster on a big screen, the atmosphere of a movie theatre and popcorn.”

“I always find time for reading, too. I read everything. I also find time to go to the hairdresser’s or to a beauty salon. Unfortunately, I have less and less time for socialising with my friends, now and then I organise a “quick” coffee. I feel most relaxed at home, in a track suit, just as most women do, although the suitcase for a sudden business trip is always close by. Since I often go on business trips, it happens that we stumble over unpacked suitcases from the previous trips, lying around the house, while I pack for a new one. In my suitcase, I always carry cosmetics, probably more than I really need, books that I read on the plane or at the airports, and as a must - a dry shampoo, since I don’t always have time to go to the hairdresser’s while on the trip”.

Source: Lepota & Zdravlje Magazine


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