J. Joksimović: Strategy raised the expectations of all, which is good and motivating

06. February 2018. | Belgrade

J. Joksimović: Strategy raised the expectations of all, which is good and motivating

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović estimated today that by the Enlargement Strategy the EU sent a strong message to the “European Balkans”, in particular Serbia, which it recognised as a leader of these processes in the region.

She underlined at the press conference that this was one of the strongest positive messages received by Serbia from the EU since the outset of its European integration.

“The Enlargement Strategy published today notably focuses on the Western Balkans, therefore, judging by the content of the document, a better title would be Enlargement to the European Balkans. It demonstrates that Serbia has indeed done very much, that there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but that the efforts are justly evaluated“, Joksimović explained.

She estimated that the strategy was an additional impetus for Serbia, as a country recognised as a leader in the process, whereby it has additional motivation for the undertaken reform efforts. She said that Serbia was recognised as a leader in the process, where progress was based on countries’ own merits.

Joksimović said that the 2025 framework was retained, as given by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker at the initiative of President Aleksandar Vučić that we should be given a clearer framework.

“This strategy is an elaboration of Juncker’s leadership and visionary statement. I am convinced that the epilogue will be good. This strategy can only be an additional motive, primarily for us and also for others in the region, to do more and to perform faster for the benefit of the citizens“, Joksimović said.

According to her, the strategy also shows that the EU has come to a phase of creation i.e. reinventing its own regenerative agenda, that it realises it needs to be more united, more solidary, more democratic in order to be ready to accept potential members in 2025. We believe, she added, that Serbia would be the one that would be able to become a member, providing that it meets all the conditions.

As she said, the conditions were clear and well-known and it is not true that the strategy brings on new conditions.

“The conditions are contained in the negotiating framework and they do not change“, Joksimović stressed, adding that the Strategy only elaborates a series of activities and puts them in a framework, enlisting the activities that might assist our country to be prepared for membership by 2025.

She noted that the Strategy raised everyone’s expectations, both those of citizens from the government, expectations of citizens from the EU, those of the EU from governments in the region, as well as of the governments from the Union, which is not necessarily bad. It is good and it is motivating, Joksimović is convinced.

The fact that Serbia is recognised as a leader in the process is not intended to discourage the others, she said, adding that a healthy progress atmosphere can have a stabilising effect on the entire region. “On the contrary, this is a good opportunity and possibility for us to run a policy of better future for the citizens who gave us mandate, in prosperity, peace and stability“, Joksimović said.

She also stated that she would not like the strategy to be the reason for our intensified work, but that everything was being done for the interest of the citizens who expect a higher living standard and a better state. “These are the goals where the EU helps us to be faster and more efficient“, Joksimović concluded.

(source: Tanjug)

Јадранка Јоксимовић              Јадранка Јоксимовић


Јадранка Јоксимовић              Јадранка Јоксимовић