Joksimović and McAllister: Expectedly good and useful visit

24. August 2017. | Belgrade

Joksimović and McAllister: Expectedly good and useful visit

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović met today with Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and EP Special Rapporteur for Serbia David McAllister. They discussed the relations between Serbia and the EU, the process of European integration of our country, the reforms that are being implemented, the situation in the region, and other important topics.

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has stated today, after the meeting with EP Rapporteur for Serbia David McAllister, that she expects that Serbia will have received confirmation from the Member States to open three more chapters - Chapter 6 (Company law), 30 (External relations) and 33 (Financial and budgetary provisions) by the end of the year. She has said that Serbia is already ready for these chapters, and that two more chapters ready to be opened are being prepared.

After assessing that the meeting with McAllister was good, as always, she stated that, besides the process of European integration, they also discussed about the implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 23, which is one of the benchmarks for assessing the progress in the field of rule of law.

Noting that McAllister's visit sparked a lot of public attention, Joksimović has highlighted that he has been the EP Rapporteur for Serbia since 2014 and that he has always been objective and fair, with occasional criticism and observations, which have been useful, she has stressed. ‘McAllister conveyed useful and important messages and provided help on the path to European integration in the last two-three years, therefore it came to me as a surprise that the public thinks he comes with a special agenda, that he acts like a regent, the Pope...’, the Minister has said. ‘That is,’ she says, ‘an entirely inaccurate view. Of course his job is to meet everyone because, as EP Rapporteur for Serbia, he must also learn about different views not only from us in the Government, but from all the actors in the political and public lives," Joksimović explained.

Noting that McAllister has become Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the EP in the meantime, and that he has personally pledged to remain the EP Rapporteur for Serbia which, she says, is not common practice, Joksimović has pointed out that this demonstrates his good will and willingness to participate in Serbia’s European integration in a positive way.

The Minister also highlighted the developments in the region, stating that Serbia has shown readiness and willingness for good and open relations. ‘Other countries have to demonstrate this as well, since unilateral positive moves are desirable but will not produce end results, which is good cooperation. We expect and can see the indications of some more positive tones, but this is now a task for everyone in the region”, Joksimović has said.

Although the developments in the region additionally burden the atmosphere, or might not be favourable and stimulating enough for the European integration process, Serbia and the Ministry of European Integration are doing their job in the interest of the citizens, the Minister has said. ‘Sometimes it will move faster, sometimes slower, but there is no need for frustration - we are doing a good job, and we are a serious candidate, and David McAllister has noted that as well. I think it is good for us to continue working on the reforms seriously,’ Joksimović concluded.