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Negotiations between Serbia and the European Union

NegotiationsPreparing Negotiating Positions

Achieving better coherence

Achieving better Coherence between Key Documents in the Accession Process




Analytical Support Function Analytical Support Function for the Accession Negotiations

Principles of Cohesion PolicyPrinciples of Cohesion Policy

Retention policyRetention Policy

Negotiations in AgricultureNegotiations in Agriculture

Survey on the Legislative ProcesSurvey on the Legislative Proces

Advisory Model for NegotiationsAdvisory Model for Negotiations

Interinstitutional CoordiantionInterinstitutional Coordination

Policy makingPolicy Making

Regional PolicyNegotiations in Regional Policy

Structures and ProceduresProcedures for Negotiations




Development Assistance

private_sectorManual for Private Sector

projektni_zadatak_engPreparing Terms of Reference

IPA Programming

IPA Programming

matrica_engThe Logical Framework Approach


IPA Vocabulary

ten_years1Development Assistance

Finance ManualFinance Manual




Sectoral Policies

Introducing SECOIntroducing SECO

Agriculture in RS 2013Agriculture in RS 2013

Strategy for agricultureStrategy for agriculture


Communication and Training on the EU

Guidlines to Social MediaGuidlines to Social Media

Communication StrategyCommunication Strategy

Organization of InternshipOganization of Internship

EU Integration Office

EU Integration Office