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J. Joksimović: Another seven projects for investment grants proposed

August 04 2021 | Belgrade

J. Joksimović: Another seven projects for investment grants proposed

In the framework of the sixth extended round of Western Balkans Investment Framework, Minister of European Integration and National IPA Coordinator Jadranka Joksimović has proposed, on behalf of the Government of Serbia, seven projects for the award of grants in the framework of investment grants.

Total value of the proposed projects amounts to EUR 785.5 million, and the grant application refers to EUR 241.3 million, as announced from the Ministry of European Integration.

Joksimović has stressed that she expects the Steering Committee of the Western Balkans Investment Framework to adopt official decision on supporting the mentioned proposals of the Government of Serbia in December 2021.

As she has mentioned, comprehensiveness of the proposed measures and projects clearly indicates that their most important goal is precisely more balanced regional development of our country and creation of new jobs across Serbia, including the realisation of Green Agenda goals for the Western Balkans which we have committed to along with the European Union.

“Our path to the EU is not mere meeting of benchmarks and aligning with EU legislation, it primarily involves the promotion of living conditions of all our citizens, which is a priority in this government’s work”, she has underlined.

Western Balkans Investment Framework is a particular form of support from the European Union and international financial institutions for preparation and realisation of infrastructural projects.

It is one of the main instruments for implementing priority infrastructural projects and Economic-investment plan for the Western Balkans.

The plan concerned provides for investment of EU grants in the amount up to nine billion euro in priority areas and projects contributing to further connectivity in the region, as well as improving ties with the Union, which will accelerate free movement of people and goods and deepen overall trade and economic cooperation.

Joksimović has particularly stressed the importance of the proposed projects that are shaped to contribute to the growth of investments in Serbia.

“The proposed projects in the sector of transport include rail and waterborne transport in total value of EUR 125.2 million and they are directed to modernisation of railway line Niš - Dimitrovgrad - Bulgarian border, to reconstruction and modernisation of the existing tracks and construction of second track in section Stalać - Djunis which is a part of Belgarde - Niš railway, but also to secure safety of navigation on the Danube through project of removing sunken German war fleet from the World War II - sector Prahovo”, Joksimović has explained.

As for the sector of environment, as Joksimović has emphasised, the intervention on construction and rehabilitation of sewer networks has been proposed, in fact, main collectors in Jagodina, Pirot, Požarevac, Vršac, Trstenik, Smederevo and Pančevo in total amount of EUR 45 million through project of water supply and waste water treatment at the territory with half a million of inhabitants.

Speaking about the area of energy, Joksimović has stated that the required amount of EUR 36.1 million for construction of Trans-Balkan Corridor of double circuit interconnection between Serbia, Montenegro and BiH, but also for development of electricity distribution grid.

Joksimović has particularly indicated the importance of the project Broadband Internet to Rural areas, concerning digital infrastructure, in the value of more than EUR 30 million.

As she has said, the goal of this project is to connect about 135,000 users, primarily households and schools, and another 2,000 public facilities to high speed Internet.

Source: Tanjug