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EU Visas for SCG Students and Experts

January 10 2005 |

Students, scientists and experts from Serbia-Montenegro and other Western Balkan countries will get their visas for the EU territory much faster and more easily from now on, provided they go there to further their education, decided the Council of Ministers of the EU, according to BETA.

The Western Balkans in transition

December 21 2004 |

The European Commission /ECOFIN/ issued an overview “Western Balkans in transition”. The main purpose of this fourth issue is to give a review of recent macroeconomic and structural developments for the countries of the Western Balkan region.

EU and Serbia signed the Textile Agreement

December 21 2004 |

The European Union and Serbia initialed in Brussels the Textile Agreement, which abolishes all restrictions on the export of Serbian textile to the EU. Serbian Minister for International Economic Relations, Milan Parivodić, afterwards said that the Agreement should come into force on 1 May 2005, although the restrictions are abolished by the sole act of initialing the Agreement.

Spanish Donation to the European Integration Office

December 17 2004 |

Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) has donated 25,000 EUR to the European Integration Office, which will be used for funding the activities envisaged by the Serbian Communication Strategy on the Stabilisation and Association Process of Serbia-Montenegro.

Serbian Government adopted the Report on the State Aid Catalogue in the Republic of Serbia

November 25 2004 |

Serbian Government has adopted the Report on the State Aid Catalogue in the Republic of Serbia. The report gives the data on the funds paid out to the economic entities from the budget of the Republic of Serbia or the local government budget and the relief and exemptions data in 2003 and 2004. According to the report, 68,879 million Dinars and 54,274 million Dinars were earmarked in 2003 and 2004 respectively, for all types of state aid.

Set of Environmental Laws Adopted

December 14 2004 |

Serbian Parliament adopted the four laws that will enable sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection and development in accord with European standards.

Resolution on the EU Association

October 14 2004 |

Serbian National Parliament adopted the Resolution on the EU Accession on 14 October 2004. Serbian European Integration Office and the representatives of the European Movement were involved in the Committee for European Integration’s work on the text of the Resolution. Joint work of the Government, the National Parliament and the representatives of civil society in the preparation of this document shows a successful model of co-operation between all stakeholders in the European integration process and is essential for reaching a social and political consensus on joining the European Union

Conclusions of the Council of the European Union -11 October 2004

October 11 2004 |

The session of the Council of the European Union (EXTERNAL RELATIONS) took place in Luxembourg on11 October 2004. The Council welcomed the result of the mission of High Representative Solana and Commissioner Patten to Belgrade. The Council expressed its support for the twin-track approach, which would imply a single Stabilisation and Association Agreement with distinct negotiations with the Republics on trade, economic and possibly on other relevant sectoral policies.

European Commission simplifies funding of external assistance

October 11 2004 |

The European Commission has decided on 29 September 2004 to replace the existing range of financial instruments for the delivery of external assistance with a simpler, more efficient framework. Instead of the current wide range of geographical and thematic instruments that has grown up in an ad-hoc manner over time, the new framework will comprise six instruments only, four of them new. The four new instruments are: an instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, a European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument, a Development Cooperation and Economic Cooperation instrument, and an instrument for stability. Two existing instruments, for Humanitarian Aid, and for Macro Financial Assistance are not in need of modification, and will be maintained.
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