The SECOND call for project proposals within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia- North Macedonia 2016-2020 is published

March 10 2022

The deadline for submission of bids:
08. June 2022. in 15h

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Local Self-Government of the Republic of North Macedonia published the Second Call for Proposals under the IPA Cross- border Cooperation Programme Serbia-North Macedonia 2016-2020.The call is open to the following thematic priorities and specific objectives:1. Promoting employment, labour mobility and social and cultural inclusion across the border:1.1: Skills improvement and creation of employment opportunities in perspective sectors1.2: Development of an inclusive society2. Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage:2.1: Mobilizing cultural and natural resources for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations2. 2 Fostering joint risk management systems of natural and cultural sites, as well as human settlements, including disaster or emergency preparedness

The application package with instructions for project applicants is available on the link:

The deadline for submission of project applications is 08 June 2022 (in the case of hand-deliveries, the deadline for receipt is at 15:00 hrs at local time on the same day).