Results of the competition for the best student papers on the European Union

18. May 2018. | Belgrade

Results of the competition for the best student papers on the European Union

At the competition for the student papers on the European Union, announced by the Ministry of European Integration on 19 February 2018, the following papers were rated as the best:

  1. The significance of the legislation on the protection of personal data in the process of Serbia's accession to the European Union (First-ranked)
  2. Border disputes as a challenge to the European Union's enlargement policy and European integration of Serbia (Second-ranked)
  3. The role of the European Union in normalising Belgrade-Priština relations (Third-ranked)

The ministry announced this competition in order to encourage young academic citizens to engage in an argumentative debate relating to our country's membership to the European Union. Out of 26 papers submitted within the deadline, all of them met the basic criteria and standards for the preparation of the papers announced in the published competition documents.

The decision on the first three top-ranked papers was adopted by a competition commission composed of three professors from the University of Belgrade: Professor Dragica Vujadinović, PhD (Faculty of Law), Professor Vesna Knežević Predić, PhD (Faculty of Political Sciences) and Prof Ildiko Erdei, PhD (Faculty of Philosophy).

After reading and evaluating all the papers, the competition commission found that as a whole the papers submitted were at a satisfactory academic level, the topic approaches being interesting and all the texts were original. There were no cases of abuse and plagiarism among the papers received.

The members of the competition commission also agreed that the competition for three best student papers in the fields of European integration and the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union represent a vital initiative of the Ministry of European Integration, which contributed not only to a better and more complex perception of the EU, along with all the processes and transformations that Serbia's integration to this community implies, but also to raising awareness among students concerning the importance of academic writing and approach to the topics essential for the entire society. The competition commission also concluded that this prize-winning platform contributed to improving the quality of public information on the importance of European integration for Serbian society.

The minutes of the evaluation of papers submitted under the Competition for Three Best Student Papers on the European Union of the Ministry of European Integration can be downloaded here.