J. Joksimović: We strive to ensure a stable supply of gas

18. October 2017. | Budapest

J. Joksimović: We strive to ensure a stable supply of gas

Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimović has said today in Budapest that the key issue for citizens is whether they will have a stable source of gas supply after 2020, which is why it is important to work on regional projects, while respecting the obligations arising from the Third Energy Package of the EU.

Minister Joksimović participated at the Sixth Annual Forum of the EU Macro-Regional Strategy for the Danube Region, on the panel with the topic of energy security of the countries in the Danube region.

 "This is also important to us on many levels. We are a candidate country, we have obligations under Chapter 15 and regarding the alignment with the Third Energy Package, but on the other hand, the key question our citizens will ask is whether we will have a stable and predictable source of gas supply after 2019/2020," Joksimović said.

She added that politicians must give an answer to the question to Serbian citizens, while acknowledging the fact that Serbia was a candidate country for EU membership and that it had obligations arising from the Third Energy Package. "We discussed regional projects in the field of gas supply, interconnectors and, among other things, a project of special importance for us - the interconector between our country and Bulgaria," she added.

According to the minister, this interconnector will not completely solve the problem, but it nonetheless contributes to the diversification of gas supply.

She recalled that the project was funded, to a large extent, from EU funds, i.e. IPA funds and co-funded from the budget of the Republic of Serbia. "Preparations are going well, although there have been some problems and delays," Joksimović concluded.

According to her, there was a discussion on the topic of how countries of the region, which are highly dependent on gas and other energy imports, could ensure energy for their citizens and how to launch projects through cooperation, even within the Danube region, relating to, for example, new ineterconectors between Serbia and Hungary, perhaps within the Turkish Stream, and also between Serbia and Croatia, given that a special project is being conducted on the island of Krk.

"We have been trying to find additional instruments and projects in order to ensure energy security and stability, as well as a way to contribute not only to the EU and the region, but above all to our citizens," the Minister stated.

The Minister concluded that, in this sense, Serbia had been recognized as a reliable, stable partner, as a country that participated in the problems the EU faced, not only with regard to the migrant crisis but also in terms of energy security, and as a country that contributed and respected, above all, their own interests.




 (source: Tanjug)