Department for the Accession Process Coordination and Monitoring of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement

It deals with matters related to: coordination, monitoring and reporting on the process of the accession to the European Union, support to and monitoring of the harmonisation of Serbia legislation with the legislation and standards of the European Union and informing the European Union and the public about this process, in the fields covered by political criteria for the accession to the European Union, i.e. in the fields of judiciary and fundamental rights, foreign, security and defence policy, justice, freedom and security, as well as in the field of sector policies that cover the areas of intellectual property, environment, agriculture and rural development, fishery, food safety, plant protection, phytosanitary and veterinary policy; coordination of the cooperation between state administration bodies and the European Commission and other expert bodies of the European Union, as well as expert and technical cooperation in the process of association and accession with other Member States, candidate countries and potential candidate countries, in cooperation with and informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; monitoring of fulfilment of the commitments that the ministries and special organisations have in the process of association with and accession to the European Union; participating in coordination of the Government bodies in charge of European integration - the Council for European Integration, the Coordination Body for the process of accession to the European Union and Expert Groups of the Coordination Body, coordination of the preparation of draft acts in the process of harmonisation of national legislation with the EU legislation, and other affairs in this field.


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Milutin Trnavac

Miloš Samardžić

Milica Saračević

Miljana Đurčević

Dragana Šuka

Jelena Đedović

Ivan Antonijević

Milena Homen