Department for Planning, Programming, Monitoring and Reporting on EU Funds and Development Aid

This department is managed by Branko Budimir, Assistant Director. It deals with matters related to: preparing strategic documents defining national development objectives and priorities for the use of EU funds and development aid; coordination with competent state and local administration bodies and organisations and other relevant institutions to define/determine sector, inter-sector and regional strategies, priority needs and selection of suitable projects and programmes that need to be financed from EU funds and development aid; informing donors about priority projects and programmes; cooperating with donors on harmonising their priorities with those of the Republic of Serbia; participating in preparing donor strategies and planning programmes and projects financed from EU funds and development aid; monitoring the implementation of projects and programmes through reports of users of EU funds and development aid and donors, and coordinating evaluation reports; harmonising programmes and projects with the priorities of the Republic of Serbia and cooperation with competent public administration bodies and organisations, associations of towns, economic operators and other institutions; development and improvement of ISDACON IS on EU funds and development aid; collecting and analysing data, and preparing reports on EU funds and development aid; reporting to the competent authorities, the Government and international institutions on the implementation of projects financed from EU funds and development aid, and other affairs in this field.

Name Contact
Branko Budimir

Dejan Gojković

Jelena Banović

Marija Radović

Tijana Đekić

Marija Oros Janković

Bosiljka Joksimović

Nemanja Jakovljević

Stefana Lilić

Rade Mirković

Una Kecman

Daria Janjić Nišavić

Dragan Mrkalj

            Petar Spasić

Sanja Knežević Mitrović

Miloš Golubović

Luka Pivljanin

Slobodan Savić

Ana Drljević

Tijana Radnov

Milica Radovanović Dumonjić

Nevena Marčeta

Vladimir Lazović

Maja Majić

Jelena Dejanović

Milica Petković

Miloš Vuković

Nataša Kalaba

Jelena Todosijević