Department for Legal and Financial Affairs

This department is managed by Miroslava Djurovic, Assistant Director.

It deals with matters related to: preparing work programmes and reports of the work of the Office; preparing general acts related to the organisation and operation of the Office; preparing general and individual acts and deciding on the rights and duties of employees that stem from labour relations; public procurement; preparing a financial plan proposal for drafting the Law on Budget and preparing the Office annual financial plan; preparing and processing requests for ensuring operating funds for the Office; ensuring appropriate use of budget funds; participating in preparation and implementation of EU-funded projects; monitoring legislation and acts of the Government and ministries and harmonising the work of the Office with those acts; ensuring supply of equipment, specialised publications and office supplies, and other legal, financial and general affairs.




Miroslava Đurović

Mirjana Dukić

Olga Milenković

Marija Jovanović
Svetlana Banjari
Biljana Kecojević

Slobodanka Babac

Mirko Keranović

Tatjana Maksimović

Danica Arsenović

Smilja Vojinović
Jasmina Stefanović
Katarina Fabijan
Dragana Zdravković
Nikola Stojčevski

Svetlana Zvezdić

Ivana Simić

Mirjana Ristović

Vlada Jovanović

Mira Skejić Trajković