Department for Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation Programmes

This department is managed by Sanda Simic, Assistant Director.

It deals with matters related to: participating in establishing the institutional structure for management and implementation of IPA component II and cooperating with the institutions responsible for establishing decentralised management; preparing, managing and monitoring of programmes and reporting; harmonising programmes with the priorities of the Republic of Serbia; supervising implementation of the programmes including appointing members of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, participating in the work of the JMC; training and coordinating the work of the Serbian representatives in the JMC; identifying strategic projects in cooperation with competent national bodies and authorities of a partner country; preparing and managing technical assistance projects in cooperation with the competent authority of the partner country; monitoring realisation of programme objectives, assessment of impact and contribution of the projects to development processes in the territories covered by the programmes, and in the entire territory of Serbia; developing information and programme promotion strategy, and monitoring its implementation; preparing reports; creating conditions for further development of the programmes; preparing and monitoring agreements, contracts and other legal acts relevant for cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes and harmonisation of national legislation in the field of cross-border and transnational cooperation with EU legislation and monitoring and analysis of the agreements among the countries involved in the programmes; participating on behalf of the Republic of Serbia in the work of international bodies, organisations and associations dealing with territorial cooperation matters; ensuring funds for co-financing and pre-financing; participating in the activities of the Republic of Serbia on preparation and implementation of the Danube Strategy, and other affairs in this field.


Name Contact
Sanda Šimić Stambolić

Kristina Ašković

Irena Komazec Cvetković

Natalija Matunović Milošević

Ivana Davidović

Sanja Veselinović

Jelena Kolić

Jelena Dermanov

Danijela Đoković

Nataša Milosavljević Žeželj

Milan Žeželj

Darko Čukuranović

Tijana Didanović

Dragan Popović

Mirjana Albulj

Ana Stavrić Filovski

Valentina Vidović

Snežana Novković

Katarina Ginić